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Why to stand out among many neon light red neon?

by:Tranch      2020-04-25

neon is one of the gas discharge lamp, also is now emerging a lamps and lanterns, lighting and red neon is one of the most commonly used in the neon light, is this why?

this actually't escape and its own characteristics, the red neon and fluorescent glow lamp can use its luminescent properties, electrical properties and combination of two features by a variety of applications. Neon light because of its property of cold cathode tube while working temperature in 60 & deg; C below, so can work in open-air weathered or in the water. Also because of its working characteristic, neon light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, in the rain or fog can still keep good visual effect - - - - - - For example we see life transit days red neon lights in the red light is to use.

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