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Why can't highlighting light-emitting diode voltage or ultra current?

by:Tranch      2020-04-22

actually, 5 mm highlight light-emitting diodes (leds), usually used their normal working voltage in three more. 0 - 3. The range of 5 v, normal working current 20 ma. But a lot of people think the super voltage or current use white LED will be more bright, and the actual test results is luminous flux increased a lot after 15 ma, 20 ma, after almost no, increased to 30 ma, more than 20 ma only 5%, but the LED has a fever.

in addition to these, and the life of the test: 20 ma work for a month, attenuation is only 5%, now has 95% of the luminous flux, 30 ma to 19 days at work, luminous flux was only 50%. Thus concluded that for a under normal conditions, but work 100000 hours of white LED, used in large power flow, life is only 600 hours! And LED in general notes, can be used more than 50000 hours, and some manufacturers claim that the LED can run 100000 hours, but it does not guarantee that LED products can also be used for so long. The wrong operation and process can easily & other; Destroy & throughout; LED, LED will with the passage of time gradually degraded, there are forecasts suggest that high quality LED after 50000 hours of continuous operation, also can maintain more than 60% of the initial light levels. So, want to extend the service life of the LED, it is necessary to reduce or completely dispel the heat energy produced is the LED chip. Heat energy is a major cause of leds stopped working.

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