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What is the difference between straw hat lamp bead and patch lamp bead?

by:Tranch      2020-04-19

straw hat LED and SMD lamp beads a LED both are common, they besides appearance has some obvious different some aspects we don't know!

1, from the shape: straw hat type LED diode straw hat shape is round, hence the name, it has a longer pin, but most SMD LED diode are rectangular, no pin or only a short pin, some manual patch of high-power lamp bead is round, except with short lead;

2, from the Angle of light: the perspective of straw hat type lamp bead boundary is obvious, SMD lamp beads is not obvious;

3, from the light is downy case: straw hat shape lamp bead light is dazzling, patch pearl line lamp is soft;

4, from the encapsulated lens: straw hat type lamp lens is hard transparent epoxy resin beads, SMD lamp beads are more commonly soft transparent silica gel;

6, from the power size: straw hat shape lamp beads smaller power, 0. More than 5 w less because not easy heat dissipation. The patch of light power can do much larger beads. If 5050 encapsulation patch lamp bead can do a 3 w power, straw hat shaped lamp bead is made.

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