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What is the difference between neon lights, neon and fluorescent lights are?

by:Tranch      2020-04-23

used in our daily life of the fluorescent lamp or low pressure mercury lamp, it makes use of low pressure mercury vapor in the process of discharge ultraviolet radiation, which makes the principle of phosphor emit visible light glow, it belongs to low pressure arc discharge light source.

fluorescent interior is equipped with two filament. Filament with electron emission materials three yuan carbonate, commonly known as electronic powder. Under the influence of ac voltage, filament alternately as cathode and anode. Bulb coated with phosphor. Tube filled with pa - 400 500 pa pressure of argon and a small amount of mercury. After electrify, liquid mercury evaporate into pressure to zero. 8 Pa mercury vapor.

under the effect of electric field, the mercury atoms from initial conditions are as excited state, then spontaneous transition to the ground state, and radiates wavelengths of 253. 7 nm and 185 nm uv to release excess energy. Phosphor absorb ultraviolet radiation to visible light.

neon neon is actually we used to say, it is by filling the glass tube of low pressure inert gas, in the high voltage field cold cathode glow discharge and shine. Neon light color is determined by the spectral characteristics of inert gas, inflated neon light tube type of neon lights, neon red light; Type fluorescent neon filled with argon gas and mercury, the neon light blue, yellow and so on, these two kinds of neon lights are working on tubes inside the gas atoms stimulated radiation light. Neon belongs to neon lights.

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