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What is the advantage of SMD LED?

by:Tranch      2020-04-14

SMD LED compared with other ordinary LED lighting lamps and lanterns, has eight major advantages:

1, small volume, SMD leds is basically a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy resin, and is very small, easy to design of various kinds of light source device.

2, colour is pure: SMD LED light color is pure and soft, no glare, applicable building, family, store, bank, hotel, restaurant he public field as a decorative lighting, add urban color.

3, low fever: single patch LED power is very low, generally is 0. 04 ~ 0. 08 w, and high light efficiency, so that heat is not high. So LED lamps can be used as the decorative lighting in the fish tank, and won't produce a lot of calories, leading to higher temperature affect the growth of fish.

4, energy-saving, high light efficiency, low calorific value has LED components, super energy saving, LED lamps and lanterns is compared with traditional lighting and decorative lighting, LED lamps and lanterns of low power for several times, but the effect is still higher than many.

5, controllable strong: the color of the SMD leds can almost covers the whole spectrum, response speed, strong controllability at the same time, can use a control system using the various control which is the significant characteristics different from other sources.

6, environmental protection: SMD LED the composition of the material either LED or FPC, its material is using environmental protection material, belongs to the type can be recycled, not because of the extensive use of environmental pollution and destruction.

7, low power requirements: the requirements of the SMT LED voltage is very low, can be achieved by a small number of light source with linear constant current driver can perfect the implementation of the LED efficient and safe and stable work.

8, fast reaction: SMD leds does not need to warm light time, about 10 ^ - sensitivity 9 seconds, let it can use in all kinds of precision testing instruments.

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