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What are the advantages of SMD leds in the market?

by:Tranch      2020-04-17

SMD LED is one of the LED components, since the SMD LED, LED the market up gradually take the plugin, what the hell why SMD LED to be able to get the favour of broad consumer?

we first from the LED display, in the 1990 s, LED technology by leaps and bounds, LED display rapidly expand the market, the emergence of blue LED, LED display into the era of full color, today, outdoor LED display can be seen everywhere, and become a brilliant figure in advertising, which is SMD LED is one of the most popular market.

there are LCD back light, LED as the LCD back light, it not only can be used as green, red, blue, white, also can be used as a color change back light, now has entered the stage of production and application of a large number of products. And now on the phone LCD screen made of LED back light, greatly increasing the grade of the product,

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