The company is a research and development, production and sales of LED packaging high-tech enterprises.

What about the quality management system in Tranch Optoelectronics Technology?
The quality control system of Zhongshan Tranch Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd stands out in the market. The Quality Management System (QMS) is a formal system that documents the processes, processes and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. We have a solid quality management system that controls the standards of led indicator light production and service in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient manner.

Tranch has developed 5730 white led according to the specific needs of the industry. Tranch has created a number of successful series, and led plant growth is one of them. The production of Tranch dip 346 led combines high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment, and experience professionals. This product is more rugged and damage resistant. This product has won the trust and favor of domestic and foreign customers with its comprehensive strength. Featuring lead-free, this product has the advantage of eco-friendless.

The purpose of we is to strengthen its technical strength and become an expert in the field of led beads. Contact!
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