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Wet spring, LED lamp bead how to moistureproof protect?

by:Tranch      2020-07-24
With increasing the air humidity, seasonal variation on the LED lamp bead products, how to do it properly moistureproof, avoid damp environment factors that affect product quality? To reduce the bad loss and potential quality hidden trouble gives the following advice for moisture protection. One, LED lamp bead product, has moisture-proof anti-static aluminum foil bag packing, handling should be avoided in the process of extrusion, Pierce packaging moistureproof bags leak happens; Second, in the wet season, in moisture bag not opened, recommended storage condition is: temperature & lt; 30 ℃, humidity & lt; 60%RH( The best preserved in moisture) contained in the And in six months after use; Three, as in the six months after use of the LED lamp bead advice before use, need to increase the oven to bake again in addition to advice desiccant ( Suggest dehumidifying conditions 60 ℃ / 24 h) ; Fourth, in the packaging once opened, the LED diode should not use up again vacuum seal or placed moistureproof ark, banning the use of transparent tape, nail book of simple sealing; 5, using LED lamp bead, should really humidity card moistureproof beads have become angry. Such as moistureproof bead is greater than or equal to 30% above change color, increase the oven to bake before use desiccant ( Suggested that in addition to the temperature conditions: 60 ℃ / 24 h) Six, when the LED lamp bead once opened for SMT, which has been exposed in the workshop environment, workshop environment control: temperature & lt; Less than 60% RH in 30 ℃, humidity; After seven, in the wet season, in view of the Reflow ( Before assembling lamps and lanterns) Lamp plate, it is suggested that placed workshop environment time: 3 - 5 days.
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