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We pay attention to SMT LED lamp bead transportation

by:Tranch      2020-04-15

SMD LED diode belongs to a kind of fragile, but because the SMD LED lamp bead production factories and buyers are separated by distance may not be very close, so the transportation to be a problem. Here we learn about the SMD LED lamp bead transport what to pay attention to.

1。 When using the express delivery need to use anti-static packaging to encapsulation of SMD LED diode, and then use good quality carton packaging, this guarantee will not happen again in transport knock against.

2。 In the transport, don't squeeze together with other items.

3。 Don't go as far as possible the bumpy road, because that would lead to patch the status of the LED lamp bead a knock against.

to sum up, for the patch transport considerations LED diode, if you clearly.

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