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We are looking for light emitting diode - - - - - - - Why is the leds more environmentally friendly?

by:Tranch      2020-04-27

when it comes to leds more environmentally friendly this problem, we first take a look at its structure, the basic construction of light emitting diode is when the p-type and n-type semiconductor contact, and respectively connected with the power of the positive and negative, and holes in the p-type semiconductor to the anode mobile power supply, and free electrons in the N type semiconductor to the positive movement. Free electrons and holes after meet, excess energy released in the form of light.

the basic principle of light-emitting diodes with fluorescent lamps are the same, is cold light phenomenon, but the light emitting diode than fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is high, it can be 30% or higher of electric energy into light energy. And fluorescent lights up, though not as hot as incandescent light bulbs, can still clearly makes us feel it in the hot, and we put a hand on a light emitting diode lamps and lanterns, we almost can't feel fever, obviously it means less energy was changed into heat energy waste. At the same time, the service life of the light emitting diode are longer than the fluorescent lamp, can continue to use 20000 hours will not damage, some even can reach 50000 hours.

in addition to the more energy-saving than fluorescent lamps, light emitting diode because do not require the use of toxic mercury, avoids the harm to the environment mercury release. In addition, the structure of the light emitting diode is simpler than fluorescent light, so much smaller, as a result the use of convenience and reducing the energy consumption also cannot be ignored in the process of transportation. Think of it, your computer monitor back light from fluorescent replacement to leds after the thin a lot?

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