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Want how to choose good quality LED lamp bead

by:Tranch      2020-04-19

as LED lamp bead, technology development, LED diode manufacturers, users have more options, but the quality of the manufacturer of LED lights bead is also different, so you need to how to choose? Let's speaking.

1。 The quality of the LED lamp bead, because the chip quality is determined by the quality of lamp bead, so when the choice, need to choose a need to select good quality LED lamp bead.

2。 LED diode heat: LED diode need good heat dissipation, because of you, in the condition of high temperature for a long time work, will make it shorten service life.

3。 LED lights, color temperature, color temperature of LED lamp bead classification need small, because the color temperature difference is too big, will lead to in light, colorful, some yellow, or white.

4。 LED lamp bead safety standards and certification: whatever the product needs to have the relevant certification, or product is not guaranteed. LED lamp bead is the same, need to have relevant certification.

by the above said, the choice of LED lights, if you know more.

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