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Vending machine application principle

by:Tranch      2020-08-15
1 modern city life bring many convenience to people, on many occasions, such as movie theaters, shopping malls, hotels, and other places of cultural and entertainment, the traditional artificial vending gradually withdraw from retail, practical and rich interesting vending machines into life. Classification of the classification of the vending machine has many dimensions, from commodities, such as drink machines, snacks and integrated machine; May from the device on the points, such as lattice machine, spring machine, suction cups, caterpillar and snake-like machine; Points from the equipment function, such as cryogenic machine, refrigeration machine and room temperature. Application principle of the vending machine is the main principle, through sophisticated yanchao device to identify the authenticity of a put in a coin, and then the counterfeit rapid exit through the internal screening system; When the system identification after winning the number of COINS and commodities are equal in amount, the inner mechanical motor arm will rotate shelves, push the corresponding goods to the port of shipment, then you will get your pick food.
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