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UVC LED into the hospital laboratory application!

by:Tranch      2020-08-07
A few days ago, the loading company ( Nikkiso) Subsidiary specializing in UV - C LED water sterilization application declared SUEZ AquiSense company developed a unique product, adopting AquiSense patent UV - C LED water treatment technology, can be directly used in key laboratory application to water disinfection. The SUEZ health care is one of the largest, laboratories and hospitals to provide clean water solution. It is reported, AquiSense and SUEZ on a joint development project for more than a year of cooperation, equipped with UV - for a set of laboratory water purification devices C LED technology, when use directly provide senior microbial sterile barrier layer. In other competitive equipment, pathogens can enter the upper pipe, pollution system and later samples. In new equipment, UV LED disinfection ACTS as a barrier to prevent pollutants from entering the water purification system as a whole. AquiSense European sales director Thomas Arnold said: 'this partnership marks the UV LED technology can be applied to more key domains such as medical care and research. 'SUEZ innovation engineer John Higgs said:' the SUEZ and development of the new system through the use of the distribution of the LED lights inside the head, when use eliminates the pollution ', 'this is the first time in this way the UV LED technology, and brought a lot of other benefits. ”( Compiler: LEDinside James)
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