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UV Led Lamp 2020 (265-290NM) dark purple

UV Led Lamp 2020 (265-290NM) dark purple

2020 (265-290NM) dark purple
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Texture of material: plastic

Product characteristics

  ◪   Air-tight package

  ◪   Band: 265-290 nm

  ◪   High stability, N2 or vacuum protection

  ◪   Optical glass packaging, high corrosion resistance

  ◪   Low attenuation, no yellowing and long service life

  ◪   Electrostatic protection, ROHS certification


According to different biological effects,Divide UV into A-band (UV-A) according to wavelength,Also known as black spot effect ultraviolet (400-320nm),B band (UV-B), calledred spot effect ultraviolet (320-275nm),C-band (UV-C), calledsterilization ultraviolet (275-200nm),D-band (uv-d) is called vacuum ultraviolet (200-10nm) and other four parts.The sterilization technology of water treatment mainly uses C-band UV sterilization lamp.

UV mainly destroys the function of DNA by irradiating pathogens such as microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, so as to kill microorganisms and achieve the goal of sterilization and disinfection.The effect of UV on nucleic acids can lead to the breaking of bonds and chains, cross-linking between strands and the formation of photochemical products, etc., thus changing the biological activity of DNA, making microorganisms unable to replicate until death.

Product Application

  1. Ultraviolet light can kill all kinds of microorganisms,Including bacterial reproduction, spore, Mycobacterium, virus, fungus, Rickettsia and mycoplasma, etc.All surfaces polluted by the above microorganisms, water and air can be disinfected by ultraviolet.

  2. The ultraviolet radiation energy is low and the penetration is weak. It can only kill the microorganism directly exposed to it. Therefore, the disinfection part must be fully exposed to ultraviolet during disinfection.

  3. When disinfecting rough surfaces such as paper and fabric with ultraviolet rays, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately, and both sides should be irradiated.

  4. The most suitable temperature range of ultraviolet disinfection is 20-40 ℃, too high and too low temperature will affect the disinfection effect, and the disinfection time can be extended properly. When used for air disinfection, the relative humidity of the disinfection environment is less than 80%, otherwise the irradiation time should be extended properly

Product certificates

GBT 19001-2016ISO 9001:2015

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