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Using light-emitting diodes, must pay attention to these points!

by:Tranch      2020-05-13

light-emitting diode LED, is our common is our daily life we often use a kind of lamps and lanterns, along with the development of The Times faster and faster, the application of light emitting diode is becoming more and more widely.

leds, there are two obvious characteristics, is a very durable, the theory of case LED has the service life of 50000 hours, very durable, but on the other hand, it is very fragile, resistance to overload ability is poor. As some of the common lightning induction, electrostatic, reverse over-voltage, positive flow is easy to breakdown. And light-emitting diodes, especially afraid of & other; Hot & throughout; When junction temperature higher than 80 ℃ will directly affect the service life, especially in white leds, if power use undeserved, it is easy to appear early failure phenomena of light. But some people in order to save power cost, but often ignore these characteristics, connection does not pay attention to not only, also often choose bad power supply or alternative power supply, even using resistance capacity elements instead of the power supply, the result often is penny wise and pound foolish, not worth the cost, maintenance cost significantly more than the cost of its own.

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