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Upstream and downstream collaborative efforts to develop deep ultraviolet!

by:Tranch      2020-07-22
New crown pneumonia outbreak let 'sterilization' became a high-frequency words, the concentration of 75% alcohol, 84 disinfection liquid, such as washing your hands free liquid became scarce goods. In the prevention and control of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, the ultraviolet is widely agreed to be a way of deep uv LED in the field of public health application prospect has also been widespread concern. And deep uv LED as a new way of disinfection, also become the current hot spot. In addition to the vacuum ultraviolet, deep uv is the shortest wavelength ultraviolet band, the highest energy a band, have direct sterilization ability, mainly used in water and air purification, sterilization and biological detection, etc. New type of coronavirus is sensitive to uv light. Are three types of deep uv LED products are widely used: 1. Surface sterilization equipment ( Such as multifunctional sterilization, etc. ) ; 2. Life kind of portable instruments sterilization ( Such as portable sterilization rods, sterilization boxes, etc. ) ; 3. Deep ultraviolet (LED air disinfection purification products Such as humidifier, dehumidifier, wall-mounted ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer, etc. ) ; Industry upstream and downstream of the solidarity and collaboration to deep uv LED the 'cake' bigger. In addition to improving the technical standard system, in the future but also increasing the industrial chain each link of production with the 'collaborative efforts in technical research, from the source of deep uv LED industry, layers of breakthroughs, such as product performance, reliability, continue to improve, gradually to meet the needs of various applications, solve the problem of the technological base of industry development bottleneck. Instead of deep uv LED if the implementation of mercury lamp, means that over the next decade, deep uv industry will develop into a new like LED lighting trillions of industry. But the challenges and opportunities. Deep uv LED was invented at the beginning of this century, a technology, at present is still in the early product import, the radiation efficiency and power, life is not perfect. Product application and popularization is limited by the sterilization effect is not intuitive, replacing the existing low pressure mercury lamp products and limited to the technology development phase, it is not easy to popularized.
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