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Ultrasonic patches can be detected deep in the blood pressure in the body

by:Tranch      2020-07-19
According to the latest issue of the journal nature, biomedical engineering, U. S. researchers have developed a new wearable ultrasonic patches, noninvasive monitoring skin below 4 cm deep in the arterial blood pressure, help sooner and more accurately detect the cardiovascular problems. Patch applications include real-time, continuous monitoring of patients with heart disease, lung disease and blood pressure change in the critically ill patients. Due to the use of ultrasound, the patch can also be used for non-invasive tracking deep in vital signs and other physiological signals. Nano engineering professor at the university of California, San Diego, Xu Sheng said that so far, wearable devices is limited to the skin surface or just below induction signal. The ultrasonic technology are integrated into the wearable device, the researchers can in non-intrusive way to capture a large number of other signals at the bottom of the epidermis, biological events and activities. The new research results for the induction of wearable electronics range increased the third dimension. This patch is a thin layer of flexible silicone, with the so-called 'island bridge' structure - — Array (small electronic parts Island) , each of which consists of wire spring form ( Bridge) The connection. Every island contains called electrodes piezoelectric sensors and devices, produced when an electric current passes through ultrasound. Their bridge made by wispy spring wires. Island bridge structure allows the entire patch joint skin and when stretching, bending and distortion does not affect the electronic function. Patch use ultrasonic continuous recording is located in the skin below the diameter of the 4 cm deep in the blood vessels, and then use the custom software to convert the information for the waveform. Waveform of each peak and valley and the overall shape of the notch and waveform on behalf of a particular activity or event in heart. These signals for doctors to assess the patient's cardiovascular health provides a large number of detailed information, can be used to predict heart failure, determine whether blood supply is good and so on. Researchers say that ultrasound patch has the potential to be an important supplement of cardiovascular medicine. In the operation process, especially the complex of cardiovascular surgery, need to accurate real-time assessment of central blood pressure, this is the ultrasonic patches will replace the traditional method.
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