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Transparent LED lamp bead with SMD lamp beads display different

by:Tranch      2020-07-03

with the continuous development of market economy, urban high-rise building, transparent LED lamp bead display screen has been widely used in glass curtain wall in city lighting, architecture, art beautiful promotion, etc. So, transparent LED lamp bead with SMD lamp beads display what is the difference between both?

1。 High permeability rate, do not affect indoor daylighting, cool flash

it is well known that the SMD lamp beads display not pervious to light, will affect the building lighting. As LED diode transparent screen to independent research and development of side light flash technology, look from the front lamp almost invisible to the naked eye, significantly enhance the permeability rate, and supporting machine etc, producing a higher power.

2。 Strip lights article structure, can be shaped planning

SMD lamps article ZhuDeng do special-shaped products will be bound by its enclosure structure, splicing of deformed a little defect, and sewing. Abnormity of transparent LED lamp bead screens customizable stitching perfect abnormity, surface transition of natural beauty, product screen can be set into a cylinder and ellipse, triangle and arc and other kinds of abnormity.

3。 Lightweight planning, saves the cost of steel structure

SMD lamp beads screens 42 kg per square meter, and when the screen area is too large, the screen body steel structure and original structure is a big battle. Transparent LED lamp bead can display vertical equipment independently, without the glass. Assuming that equipment behind the glass curtain wall, can be directly depends on curtain wall steel structure equipment, its light weight of 16 kg / ㎡, the load demand for steel structure is very low.

4。 With perfect matching glass curtain wall, hidden equipment, does not affect the building modelling

SMD lamp beads display set requirements of large-scale steel structure, time-consuming effort and will impact on the building and beautiful modelling attack. And at the time of the equipment using transparent LED lamp bead display using a small amount of building the perfect combination with wall body, easy to wall without damage, still can move forward the appearance beautiful degree as a whole.

5。 Applied for outdoor screen, indoor equipment, outdoor watch

SMD lamp beads in indoor display equipment, blocking sunlight and horizon. Transparent LED display screen for outdoor lamp bead screen use, indoor equipment, outdoor watch, need not worry waterproof and uv protection problems, product function is very safe.

6。 Maintenance bento, can support hot plug, article lamp maintenance

SMD lamp beads display body appear problem, mostly for maintenance after processing, perhaps to dismantle the whole module or box down to repair. And transparent LED diode display in the maintenance of the article only needs to replace a lamp, a brief convenient operation, decreased maintenance capital.

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