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To improve the service life of the LED lamp bead and brightness

by:Tranch      2020-07-02

keep long life and high brightness LED lamp bead, the first important problem is: LED lights, power supply, LED lamp bead light source, LED lamp bead radiator, LED lights, security four key technology. 1, LED lights, first the required power LED lamp bead power is high efficiency. The product with high efficiency, low fever is necessarily high stability. Usually in the power supply part isolation and the isolation two useful programs; The isolation design is limited to double insulation products, such as light bulb replacement products, including LED lights, and the whole product integration and seal in the conductive plastic, as a result, the end user doesn't have any electric shock risk. Isolation are diode products, isolation of large volume, low efficiency, in use, the installation will create many problems, is better than the separate product market prospects. 2, LED lamp bead light source using the patent of ryukyu and cummings structure LED lamp bead light source, its chips are placed in the feet, and heat over silver feet chips directly to the node of tropical, upright LED lamp bead with traditional products, and traditional patch LED lamp bead has qualitatively different in heat dissipation, won't produce cumulative node temperature of the chip, so as to ensure the good usability of light source, LED diode, guarantee the light source, LED diode, long life, low light failure.

traditional patch LED lamp bead products, although can through the chip of gold thread connection is negative, but also let the heat energy produced is chip, silver, gold wire connected to transmission of heat and electricity are by the transmission of money, the accumulation of heat in the long run will directly affect the service life of LED lamp bead.

3, LED lights, heat dissipation to the introduction of the infrared radiation heat and applied to the fluorescent tube, is an important means of improving the service life of the bulb. Considered in heat dissipation, LED lamp bead light source of heat and power of heat to separate, each other, so as to ensure the rationality of the heat dissipation. There are three kinds of way of heat transfer, convection, conduction and radiation. Convection and conduction in a closed environment, the implementation may be small, and the heat by radiation, and is the focus of the fluorescent tube to consider. 4, LED diode safety

main said PC flame retardant plastic tubes, because the infrared heat radiation can penetrate the PC tube, the design considerations LED lamp bead, when using can more considering the safety, use of all plastic physical insulation way, even in the use of isolated power supply can absolutely guarantee the safety of use.

the development of the LED lamp bead has been quite a long time, from the point of the effect of energy saving, and its future application is quite broad, in addition to the energy conservation, the security, the use of long life is that we should be more attention.

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