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Theory of SMD leds and the light emitting diode between stories of the unknown

by:Tranch      2020-04-19

SMD LED light-emitting principle is by running a current through the compound semiconductor, and then through the combination of electrons and holes, the excess energy released in the form of light, to achieve the effect of light. And light-emitting diodes (leds), it is also known as leds, it can convert electrical energy to light energy, like the common diode consists of a PN junction, also has unidirectional conductivity.

by FPC board, LED lights, LED strips light quality silicone casing, safe and convenient to use the low voltage dc power supply, emitting light colors varied, colorful, use SMD LED one of the biggest advantages is that it can bend, can arbitrary fixation in concave and convex surface, and every 2 star LED lights can form a primary circuit, small size, color is rich, but also has high brightness, adjustable light Angle, etc.

and its energy-saving, SMD leds with low power consumption, the electric power is very close to 100%, and no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no heat, no mercury leaked danger

, and its service life for up to 5 - 80000 hours, it is more than 10 times of traditional fluorescent lamp life.

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