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Theory of light emitting diode encapsulation way!

by:Tranch      2020-04-25

leds in our lives has a very wide range of applications, and its encapsulation method also each are not identical, small make up today, you are here, and everyone talk about leds encapsulation way!

first is soft package, this way of encapsulation is chip bonding on specific PCB PCB directly, through welding line connection into a specific character or display form, and the LED chip and welding line with transparent resin protected, assembly in the specific case, usually the encapsulation mode is often used in digital display, character or point Chen display products.

there are SMD package, SMT packaging is to the LED chip bonding on the tiny lead frame, good welding electrode, lead by the injection molding, a smooth surface with epoxy resin coating.

there is a new type of power package, this way of encapsulation is the feature of bonding chips at the bottom of the cavity is larger, with specular reflection ability, and higher thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and low enough, so that the chip's heat quickly led to the outside of the device, keep the chips and the environment temperature low temperature difference.

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