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The usefulness of neon - — Used as a light! @ neon

by:Tranch      2020-04-28

neon lamps using the glow discharge characteristics, electrical characteristics or combination of two features, in electrical equipment, electronic circuit or instrument for instructions, the circuit components, the electrical equipment. Can take advantage of the neon light properties, used for all kinds of household appliances and power indication on the switchboard, fuse monitor, high-frequency voltage indicator and test pencil, etc. Neon light emitting light colors can be divided into five kinds, respectively is red, green, blue, white and yellow, according to the tubes in a different light into different phosphors. Neon is widely used in the light electricity directives and coffee pot, fans, rice cookers, electric iron, electric mosquito killer, multi-purpose socket and wall switches in the electric equipment such as power supply indicator elements.

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