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The use of LED lamp bead in medicine

by:Tranch      2020-07-13

choose light to treat human disease is a kind of very old way, as early as long before humans use sunlight to treat disease. As a new type of light source, LED lamp bead also gradually used to the medicine and play an active effect.

reduce inflammation

now is marked by a series of seminars LED diode have anti-inflammatory effect. Research found that 635 nm LED lamp bead light can contain gingival fibroblasts allaying inflammation medium - — The prostate gland ring element E2 ( PGE2) , and then reduce the inflammation of the gums. Radiation cure in patients with breast cancer before choose LED lights shine early can reduce the radiation effect of vice. In front of the pulsed dye laser treatment skin photoaging if choose LED lights shine early, can reduce skin erythema, swelling and pain caused by the dye laser, etc.

promote wound healing

visible to near infrared band LED lights, can promote the growth of epithelial cells after trauma, promote wound healing. Scar against

keloid is influence hairdressing and clinical cure difficult a skin disease, is caused by excessive connective tissue hyperplasia after skin lesions. Patients often have scar constitution. Beginning in clinic for the small and strong red papules, increases slowly, round, oval or irregular sexual scar, leather, higher than that of the crab's foot extend outward, lubrication, shiny skin, may be accompanied by pain, itching and discomfort. Clinical healing difficulties, the effect is not ambitious. Have research found that the LED lights, can significantly improve the patient's pain, itching and other discomfort, make scar flattened, together with noninvasive strengths.

in addition, the LED lamp bead also can be used as a kind of no ultraviolet phototherapy instrument, with light therapy, treat hair loss, reduce after ultraviolet light shine skin lesions, and so on.

it, as a new type of light source, LED lamp bead has been gradually used in dermatology, followed on the LED lamp bead, continuous innovation and medical mechanism of biological effect of discussion about LED, LED lamp bead for use in medicine will have a limited vision. LED lamp bead together with high safety, can be used as home medical equipment.

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