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The ubiquitous neon bulb lamp

by:Tranch      2020-05-06

neon bulb lamp is to use neon this inert gas glow at the discharge characteristics do the lamps and lanterns of lighting products.

at present its application is more extensive, due to the light when the light color is orange, so widely used in the city of neon lights, rise to decorate the effect of the city. Also use it to light emitting characteristics for directions on the switchboard power supply, high-frequency voltage and test pencil instructions, etc.

in addition neon bulb lamp as light is used in fans, rice cookers, electric iron, electric mosquito killer, and other electrical equipment. You have the need to welcome consulting our shenzhen Lin hsin electronics co. , LTD. We there are many different kinds of neon bulb lamp, the quality is also very good.

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