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The summer solstice not to - — No hakaze fan is you better choice!

by:Tranch      2020-07-09
No hakaze fan also called air increases times machine, it can produce natural breeze, because there was no blade, won't cover the dust or hurt children into the fingers. More wonderful is its strange shape, appearance is streamline and relaxed. Inspiration comes from the air blade hand dryer. The principle of air dryers are forcing air through a small incision 'brush' dry hands of water, air increases times machine is to make the air from a 1. 3 mm wide, rotating around the circle to blow out of incision. Because the air is blown out by force from the circle, through the air volume can be increased to 15 times, the highest speed increased to 35 km/hour. No hakaze fan on October 12, 2009, first launched in the UK. In February 2011, the launch of the second generation in Hong Kong. Without hakaze fan can be divided into desktop hakaze and hanging without hakaze fan. Principle without hakaze fan working principle is: the base of 40 watts electric motor will be every second with 33 litres of air inside the suction fan base, by cyclone accelerator acceleration, the air flow velocity increased by about 16 times, through no hakaze fan lips around the head ring, its winding force drives the fan near the head of air to the head, and blow an outward at high speed. No hakaze fan used in jet engine and automobile turbocharging technology, through the suction hole at the bottom of the intake air, internal hidden a circle on the edge of the impeller, the air in circular trajectory, eventually forming a continuous flow of cold air. What is important is the air flow is more stable than ordinary fan is produced by the wind. It produces air amount equivalent to the market performance of the best fan. This without hakaze fan with variable frequency speed adjusting device size, convenient for the user according to the actual situation to adjust the size of the wind speed, air flow uniform, not impulse voltage, low energy consumption, is ordinary fan half the energy consumption. At the same time, the airflow will be driven by the viscous force circle in the air movement forward. The result of superposition of two kinds of effect theory can make the actual amount of air blown out through the base amount of air for 15 times! No hakaze fan advantages and disadvantages of advantages 1, wind more smoothly, realize stepless speed, and traditional fan grading wind have bigger difference. 2, soft wind, such as natural wind. 3, small, no blade won't cover the dust, very easy to clean. 4, safe and no leaf fan, don't hurt curious children's fingers. 5. Natural cool, clean air. Disadvantages 1, single function, as well as traditional fan function. Noise in the air, by contrast, when more than ordinary screw hakaze. 2, the chassis is too thin, put up it is easy to fall. ( Such as 1 have widened) 3, the price is higher, has larger difference with ordinary electric fan. 4, from the point of view of energy, without hakaze fan inlet and outlet than traditional fan increased flow resistance, its conversion efficiency without necessarily traditional fan of high conversion efficiency, that is to say, to produce an equal volume of power consumption without hakaze fan will be higher than the traditional fan.
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