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The quality of SMT LED lamp bead are influenced by what

by:Tranch      2020-04-11
The quality of the

SMD LED diode, usually influenced by many ways, you know? Let's to analyze.

1。 Chips: light emitting chip on the cost in manufacturing accounts for more than, so different chip production cost price difference. The other different chip, performance by the luminous intensity, luminous performance, such as emitting light colors are also different.

2。 Glue: when seal, use different glue, the effect is also different. General effect is not good glue, it's easy to have a black light faint, colloid, oxidation etc. Phenomenon.

3。 Stents: generally speaking, there are copper and iron holder, the higher costs and higher electrical conductivity copper stent; And iron stent in the electrical conductivity is not very good, is commonly used in situations which do not require electrical conductivity.

the above you to the influencing factors on the quality of the SMD LED diode, understand?

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