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The principle of photovoltaic inverter application

by:Tranch      2020-08-12
Photovoltaic inverter inverter is a kind of composed of a semiconductor device power adjustment device, mainly used to convert dc power to ac power, generally made up of booster circuit and inverter bridge circuit. Booster circuit dc voltage booster of solar cells to inverter dc voltage needed for the output control; Inverter bridge type circuit, the dc voltage after booster is equivalent to convert commonly used frequency ac voltage. Working principle of the inverter is mainly composed of switch components such as transistors, by regularly switch element to open - Close ( 在- - - - - - 关闭) , make the input dc to ac output. Of course, this simply produced by and off circuit of inverter output waveform is not practical. Generally need to adopt high-frequency pulse width modulation ( 变频调速) , make the near at the ends of the sine wave voltage width narrow, central sine wave voltage width wider, and always let the switch element in half cycle according to certain frequency moves in one direction, thus formed a pulse wave train ( Quasi sine wave) 。 Then let the pulse wave form sine wave through a simple filter.
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