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The price of SMD LED lamp bead is related to the original!

by:Tranch      2020-05-19

it must have a lot of want to partners and small make up, often wonder how magic LED. In fact, the composition of the LED to by one of the LED diode, LED lamp bead is made by solid crystal, wire, point glue, the cover lens glue, spectroscopic, packing and so on make the production process, each link has a different technology, in it, technology is not the main, good or bad is the main raw materials.

because of raw material determines the price, such as wafer 35 mil 1 w lamp bead, generally speaking, there are zero. 2 yuan, 0. 4 yuan, 0. 6 yuan, 0. 8 yuan, more than 1 yuan, etc. , these prices are reasonable, no violent price, see what are the prices on the market of different LED lamp bead, one of the reasons is due to raw material chooses is not the same.

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