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The optoelectronic components of electric balance of the car

by:Tranch      2020-07-26
Balance electric car also called body feeling, there are also two rounds of one-wheel, no steering wheel, driving way using standing type, powered by batteries, through the body center of gravity or manipulation of the rod control the operation of car body. From the operation principle of the product, which makes use of the gyroscope and accelerometer to car body internal induced changes in the body's center of gravity and body posture, rely on the built-in system accurately drive the motor, keep balance. Optoelectronic components used on the products for electric balance, balance small make up for the big car manufacturers recommend, intelligent car can be used in the LED material balance: a, SMD lamps using methods and specifications, operating lever breathing lamp 1:15 21 all series 2, driving rear lights in the night, 19 - 22 double color 3, gravity induction indicator panel: 15 11 series 2, photoelectric switch, using methods and specifications in the car and four pedal sensor, it can accurately detect human feet are standing in the bus, it belongs to the non-contact sensors, life can be infinite. Why do you want to set up four? Is to do whatever people's feet step on the pedal anywhere, car will be sensed, reducing speed, adjust the balance, in order to improve the safety performance of the whole car. For self-balancing electric vehicle, the photoelectric switch is crucial. And four photoelectric switch, if any damage, the car will not immediately out of control, the remaining three photoelectric switch will let the driver to continue driving, at the same time the main control computer is induced to the fault of the car, and inform the user need to repair. Pedal sensor: DY - ITR9606 DY - ITR9608 features: 1, high sensitivity, fast response speed. 2, the structure of the free point design, anti-shedding status indicators: 16 - , 16-217 219 a pedal sensor: ITR9606, ITR9608 floodlight: ELSWD - J31、67- 22 s/KH4, XI3030 tail lights, brake lights: EHP - A23, 67 - 21, 204 - 10
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