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The newly developed: large power density in uv LED lamp bead package

by:Tranch      2020-07-01

uv LED lamp bead light curing system is closely related to people's lives: in the process of curing, uv LED lamp bead than medium pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp uv have obvious advantages. It has more than 1-2 times the traditional uv light source of the radiation efficiency, more than 10 times of life, and low temperature. In printing industry, uv LED lamp bead can replace medium pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp, uv its convenient start-up, shutdown and the dimming feature which can realize energy conservation significantly, cold light source, characteristic of LED lights, but also can avoid overheating paper burning;

it is understood that: using aluminum nitride the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and insulation, creatively put forward a sandwich structure of aluminum nitride and copper integrated encapsulation technology, current density of more than 10 times higher than the ceramic PCB and package after uv LED lamp bead module power density up to 20-200 watts per square centimeter, reached the international advanced level. The wavelength of the uv LED lamp bead light only 365-395 nm, the team is now a cooperative enterprise custom shorter wavelength of LED lamp bead, will also develop full wavelength range of LED lamp bead light curing systems, to fully replace the traditional uv LED lamp bead. The uv LED lamp bead used in color printing, furniture, wooden floor, photochemical synthesis, optical fiber drawing, etc. In the furniture industry, uv LED curing light can make the paint process by simplified to one or two dozen tao, processing time is shortened by half a month to half a day, energy saving, JieQian, province industry and environmental protection. And in the wood floor, wood and plastic board and compound floor contour in the electricity industry, compared with using traditional medium pressure mercury lamp, high power LED light uv curing system can energy saving 90% above. In photochemical synthesis industry, high power uv LED light source will be used in medicine and oil chemical synthesis, replacement of traditional light source.

when compared with similar products at home and abroad, the newly developed ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (leds) bead encapsulation power density is big, can realize many traditional light source not achieve the function. For example in the production of wooden floor need paste wood grain paper, the traditional light source power density is small, light intensity is not enough, so such as the wood grain paper, through the low rate of material is not able to use curing light. And high power LED lamp bead uv use light to make adhesive quick dry, even can be used in black paste wood grain, black marble and so on, comprehensive solving the problem of the production of uv-curable use wood floor.

high power LED diode light uv curing system is industrialization, have broad application prospects in the uv curing industry. Such as the use of cars, boats and other rust and water-based coating of uv curing system, can realize the quick drying coating, will redefine uv-curing industry in the future.

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