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The IR sensor market scale will reach more than $2. 1 billion in 2020

by:Tranch      2020-07-24
Sustainable development of near infrared product application infrared industry bring unlimited business opportunities. The following main application markets, including biometric security monitoring, the mobile device ( Iris, 2 d face, fingerprint recognition - screen Optical and ultrasonic type, 3 d face recognition Structure light, when flying distance, binocular vision) , digital medical ( Heart rate, blood oxygen and glucose sensor) , spectrum sensing, the car sensor ( Face recognition, gesture recognition) And motor lidar, unmanned aerial vehicles, agv, distance sensor, optical communication, etc. , to discuss and analysis the size of the market, opportunities and challenges, product specifications and supply chain, to provide more comprehensive understanding of readers for infrared applications market. Infrared sensor market scale, including infrared LED products and infrared lasers ( VCSEL /鳗鱼) 。 Infrared leds include security monitoring, 2 d face recognition; While the infrared laser include mobile phone 3 d and luminous laser sensor VCSEL market. In 2018, infrared LED and infrared laser market size is 13. $7. 2 billion in 2020, infrared LED and infrared laser market size for the 21st. 4. 3 billion dollars. But if after the iPhone camera when flying ranging ( 世界面临ToF) Have the opportunity to import in 2019, the size of the market will hopefully reach 23. 4. 1 billion dollars. 3 d sensor consists of structure light, when flying distance and active binocular vision. Light is to design structure imaging, the accuracy of the depth will be very high, however, shortcomings of the cost and the computing complexity is high. When flying range accuracy and depth less structured light, but the reaction speed, the range of identification is more advantage. When flying range is divided into lens when flying distance before and after the lens when flying distance, the lens when flying range is relatively high, the cost of the lens when flying distance requirement VCSEL power is relatively high, but the sensing module cost is relatively low. Active binocular vision requires two cameras the same, the hardware requirement is very high, mainly used in the commercial market.
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