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The infrared application of safety light curtain

by:Tranch      2020-07-21
In modern factories, work together, human and machine on some potentially dangerous machinery and equipment, such as punching machines, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly line, automated welding lines, mechanical transmission handling equipment, hazardous area ( Toxic, high pressure, high temperature, etc. ) , easy to cause personal injury workers. Install photoelectric safety device, can effectively avoid the happening of safety accidents, avoid the risk of operating workers, and the third party, reduce accident comprehensive cost, is advantageous to the company itself, operation and social workers. Screen is made using the photoelectric induction principle safety protection devices. In addition, the light curtain also refers to the money back without text, also called back, smooth back, the tent of meeting. By emitting infrared photoelectric safety device, produce the protective screen, when the screen obscured, signaling shading device, control of potentially dangerous machinery and equipment to stop working, and avoid safety accident. Working principle of the one side of the screen and so on to install multiple infrared transmitting tube spacing, on the other side of the corresponding with the same number also arrangement of infrared receiving tube, each infrared transmitting tube due to a corresponding infrared receiving tube, and installed on the same straight line. When the same straight line on the infrared transmitting tube, there is no barrier between the infrared receiving tube, infrared transmitting tube modulation signals ( Light signal) In the infrared receiving tube smoothly. Infrared receiving tube after receive the modulation signal, the corresponding internal circuit output low level, and in the case of there are obstacles, infrared transmitting tube modulation signals ( Light signal) Can't reach the infrared receiving tube, then you can't get a modulation signal, the infrared receiving tube circuit inside the corresponding output of high level. When no object in the screen through all the modulation signal from the infrared transmitting tube ( Light signal) Can reach the other side of the corresponding infrared receiving tube, so that the internal circuit all output low level. In this way, through the analysis of the internal circuit state information can detect objects exist or not. 。
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