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The bald Gospel: LED lighting can stimulate hair and skin regeneration

by:Tranch      2020-08-01
According to U. S. media reports, the headquarters is located in the north Carolina phototherapy device developer Revian announced that its skin and hair regeneration technology has obtained a patent. The company is developing a kind of controlled by mobile phone App wearable hat, hat with a dual wavelength leds light on scalp, patients wear a few minutes a day, allegedly can accelerate the healing of the scalp and update the cells associated with hair growth and reinforcement. The patents involved in mammalian tissues nitric oxide phototherapy. It USES the first wavelength to activate the enzymatic production of nitric oxide, a second wavelength to stimulate the same compounds released from organization of endogenous reserves. Revian executive President Nathan Stasko, said: 'this is a pioneering approach to light therapy', 'by stimulating the body's internal mechanism and the release of nitric oxide, we can realize the molecular therapeutic benefit in the body, without having to face the challenges of the drug development. 'It is said that the product is the first time that LED technology combined with nitric oxide role in biomedical research. The device can provide lighting in 620 and 660 nm, intended to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth, thereby provide men and women with androgen sex hair loss treatment. , according to research Revian a study of 36 to the original clinical trials showed that subjects like wearing a hat but not phototherapy, compared the product average more than 21 per square centimeter. Three hairs. Another large clinical trials on 161 participants have also been carried out, and ended in 2019, the results have not been announced.
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