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The application of transfer robot LED

by:Tranch      2020-08-05
Transfer robot at present, there are a lot of audio products, such as voice recorder, recorder, etc. With intelligent era, the recording function gradually be integrated as auxiliary functions within the software. But in many professional fields, a pickup effect is good and strong demand for audio hardware. Intelligent hardware difference from traditional voice recorder shall have what characteristics? As the recording of the hardware, the most basic function is to meet the demand of high quality recording, especially in meetings, interviews, training scenarios, such as the user for the recording of the hardware quality request is higher. According to introducing, transfer robot is a turn professional audio and text as the core functions of intelligent transfer robot, using 7 + 1 circular microphone arrays, the far field pickup chip, achieving high quality recording noise condition. High-speed transfer through WIFI seamless docking heard APP, audio files can be quickly converted into text, meetings, interviews, courses that a variety of scenarios such as transcripts of demand, rapidly improve the work efficiency. After the recording how efficient convenient finishing save for large text workers really takes time and effort. The audio hardware collocation is based on its core voice technology introduced heard APP to use, fast transmission and text. Audio five minutes an hour out, transfer accuracy tall 95% +, text is the main of the Gospel. Light white light GT - 0603 197
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