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The application of smart home security system

by:Tranch      2020-07-20
The development of smart home has begun to enter the average consumer life, like smart speakers, smart TV, smart door locks, such as has been widely accepted by the public. The addition of smart home products, make people's life more convenient and comfortable comfortable. Can make our lives more secure and more beautiful, then, we introduce you to smart home security systems, and see how it is to change our lives. The wisdom of the smart home smart home security system, security system is the basis of the smart home system, can deal with all kinds of illegal invasion, gas leak, fire, water, etc. , practicality is very strong. After all, only guarantee the home security, to secure a better life. Security system's basic components: smart cameras, smart door locks, indoor and outdoor entrance guard, cat's eye, electric lock, door controller, etc. The detailed introduction of intelligent camera, locks, intelligent camera sensor equipment three aspects intelligent security monitoring equipment, for home security add line of defense. Lightweight security devices, for example, the device is a with the function of family gateway high-definition cameras, hub ACTS as a smart home system, unified management of intelligent devices in the home. Intelligent sensing equipment stores, warehouses or family, the human body infrared sensor, door magnetic sensors and other smart sensing equipment for security added a barrier, the human body infrared sensor can effectively detect equipment within the scope of the surrounding conditions allows users to timely grasp the family situation, as well as linkage acousto-optic alarm sound an alarm, to remind the stranger away. Smart door lock 'smart door lock is in the home security system used by contact most item. Smart door lock is very convenient to use, the use of fingerprints, credit card, password, key, remote can unlock, forgetful gens is a good helper, and we don't have to try very hard to turn over the bag to find key, seconds to open the door. At the same time, smart door locks pry tamper resistant, also can help us to improve the safety of door lock in the home, is the first barrier in the home.
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