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The application of LED in the iron

by:Tranch      2020-08-02
Electric iron here is a small type iron LED application principle! Iron is a tool for flat clothing and fabric, power is in commonly 300 - 1000 w. Its type can be divided into: regular, air-conditioning, steam spray, etc. Ordinary iron structure is simple, cheap, manufacture and maintenance is convenient. Thermal control electric iron to 60 Can automatically adjust the temperature of 250 ℃ scope, automatic cut off power supply, can according to the different material used for the temperature of the ironing, save electricity than normal. Steam spray type iron on both the temperature adjustment function, and can produce steam, spray on some assembly, artificial water from trouble, and fabric wetting more evenly, ironing effect is better. Working principle of electric energy into heat energy tool temperature energized by its own power and the length of time to decide, large wattage electric time, warming faster temperature is high, whereas slow warm, the temperature is low. Electric iron heating element, a skeleton mica heating element and metal tube heating element. Skeleton mica heating element is made of iron, simple structure, easy manufacturing, fever is evener, convenient maintenance, the disadvantage is that heating wire exposed to air, oxidation at high temperature fast, life is short, easily influenced by moist air, insulation performance is poorer. Metal electric heating element is made of iron good mechanical strength, long service life, high thermal efficiency, moistureproof performance is good, safe and reliable, but the manufacturing process is more complex. Light is GT - 0603 197
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