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The application of ITR20403

by:Tranch      2020-08-15
ITR20403ITR20403 is a light interrupt ( Commonly known as correlation optical coupling, groove type photoelectric switch) 。 Is a infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor wrapped in a black plastic shell, advantages of thin and small package. Phototransistor LED only receive IR radiation, and to avoid the interference of noise and the environment. By infrared transmitting tube IR1918C and infrared receiving tube PT1918B assembled. Its characteristics of fast response, high sensitivity, subtotal capacitance, lead-free, comply with RoHS standard. High technology content, low power consumption, good quality, anti-jamming, high sensitivity. High resolution! Product application: power meter, electronic instrumentation, counters, speed and position measurement, shredders, stage acoustics, automatic sensors, scanners, telephones, fax machines, small appliances, cameras, coin-operated machines, scanners, and CD machine, game consoles, DSC ( Digital camera) All kinds of industrial and civil occasions such as above.
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