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The application of intelligent induction toothpick box

by:Tranch      2020-08-06
Intellisense toothpick box in smart home today, daxing, wireless networking technology with the development of the Internet of things has a new step on step, intelligent home appliances category have succession was gradually replaced by more high-end, more thoughtful intelligent household, provide high quality of life for people smart TV, intelligent of the robot, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent curtain, even intelligent toilet seats are popular, so intelligent household popularity is something sooner or later. In this background, the intelligent toothpick box, a capitalize on healthy, delicate and raw product was born. Toothpick is common things in life, whether at home or restaurant, everywhere, most people use a toothpick to teeth, fruit, etc, it is small but helpful. But others less toothpicks in health problems. Advantages of toothpick box, in the aspect of health is the corner that is forgotten by people easily, and toothpick much contact with the mouth, the risk of illness followed. Was concerned a lot of toothpick things, until I met intellisense toothpick box, only to solve the health dead Angle. 1. Intellisense, take a toothpick reached to 2. 3 design is elegant, light life. The built-in lamp uv filter, toothpicks can use 4. Food grade PP environmental toothpicks, more comfortable and more safety induction photoelectric switch ITR20403 ITR8307 sterilization light light
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