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The application of infrared projection keyboard

by:Tranch      2020-08-07
Infrared projection keyboard infrared projection keyboard is a keyboard, the device to the desktop, such as plane projection keyboard button layout, as long as the finger on the key parts of the virtual, projection device they can be sent to its for testing and the corresponding signal computer equipment will be acceptable to the input buttons. Advantages: small volume easy to carry faults: feel poorer, according to the longer finger hurts. Working principle as shown in the above, the infrared laser emitting a word on the bottom of the infrared covering a surface in space, the scope of the plane to cover the entire keyboard, of course, in the middle of the keyboard projection keyboard keyboard is the shape of the contour graph is mainly used for location of the calibration. Shot from outside the top of the camera in real time graph and the data is passed to the computer, because a word is horizontal and parallel laser light, so there is no object shelter when the camera is not detected by infrared signals, but if there is an object in the infrared laser area in the middle of a word, block surface will be covered, with infrared cameras can detect infrared signals, computer access to camera sent signals, after a certain algorithm, to get the coordinates of infrared window in the picture, and then the coordinates are mapped to the position of the keyboard so as to realize its function in reality. Application to recommend
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