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The application of automatic liquid soap

by:Tranch      2020-08-18
1 automatic hand sanitizer machine also called for soap and soap machine, characteristic is automatic, quantitative liquid soap, the products are widely used in public toilet. According to the principle of liquid soap making, manual soap liquid device, automatic liquid soap, three kinds of sensor soap. Automatic liquid soap and soap induction device does not need manual operation, a fixed amount of soap, suitable for hotels, restaurants and other public places. Soap and family can decide the amount of liquid hand soap is more suitable. Home in the kitchen and the bathroom small things much more special, in order to save the local space, increase the space utilization, wall-mountable liquid hand soap soap is one of the most conforms to the household environment. Liquid soap and can be divided into two kinds of function, have locked and unlocked. Hotel rooms liquid soap choose unlocked more appropriate. Hotel toilet can choose lock, in order to prevent the waste of soap.
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