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Talk about neon bulb lamp life

by:Tranch      2020-04-24

neon bulb lamp is a kind of cold cathode glow discharge tube, general application in the city of neon lights. Under normal circumstances, neon bulb lamp can continuous work for how long time, believe that this problem is of people's more attention. Talk to you by below small make up.

first of all, for neon bulb lamp, its use of time in about 25000 hours - 30000 hours. Neon bulb lamp in the case of continuous work, however, its use for a long time will be shortened, so at work for a period of time, let it rest, in this case, the use of neon bulb lamp time change is not too big, will only use than the original time reduced.

the above said you understand? Here small make up told everyone under neon bulb lamp use after a period of time, the need to make it break down.

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