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'Strong' red neon!

by:Tranch      2020-06-26

red neon - - - - - - - Neon neon lamps in the 60 - general Under the voltage of 90 v to breakdown conduction, this feature can be used to form a relaxation oscillator, neon gas and produces pressure regulating hair crystal thyratron pulse to touch. When the voltage on the capacitor charging to neon glow voltage, neon breakdown. The capacitance C voltage to the thyristor control of discharge. Touch the hair crystal thyratron conduction. When the discharge voltage on the capacitor C, neon shut down. Charge back to C. Repeat, neon can get a series of trigger pulse adjusting RP can change the thyristor conduction time, so as to control the output voltage of the circuit.

neon in some electrical devices, in order to use neon lamps and lights, most of its internal is 15 w or 8 w bulb, but power consumption is big. Use neon instead of incandescent lamp as light can overcome the above shortcomings. NE - Type 2 neon light, for example, the working current of only 0. 11 w, which is about 15 w incandescent lamp power consumption by 1/136. Node is obvious, and has long service life, the light is downy, shock resistant, small volume, etc. With neon lights, current-limiting resistance R series.

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