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Strips of LED lamp bead welding technique is introduced

by:Tranch      2020-04-16

for SMD LED lights, believe a lot of people are familiar with, but to patch the LED diode welding method still has a lot of people don't understand, small make up to introduce below.

SMD LED lamp bead welding method has two kinds of manual welding and reflow soldering. :

manual welding is used for SMD LED diode, used to repair in the normal circumstances generally use reflow soldering. In manual welding, no more than 30 w, requires the use of electric power and temperature control within 300 ℃, the welding time under 3 seconds. Soldering iron welding head can not directly contact with SMD LED lights, colloid, avoid high temperature damage the LED lamp bead. And when the pin is heated to 85 ℃, to ensure that patch LED diode does not press press, because this time pressure can lead to gold wire broken.

these are for SMT LED lamp beads hand welding is introduced in the next time we for the reflow soldering.

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