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Sorting principle of robot applications

by:Tranch      2020-08-08
1 in the electronic commerce rapid development today, the current domestic 100 million parcels every day, every day in the next 10 years packages or will amount to 1 billion pieces. For logistics industry this is sensitive to the human cost, machine vision with high automation, high efficiency, high precision and strong environmental adaptation, etc, for the rapid development of logistics sorting system to open the 'new horizon'. Logistics industry is from the manual sorting rapid evolution in the direction of intelligence and automation. Sorting the principle of sorting robots like orange small workers, using a variety of technology, they have 'eyes', work can 'see' through the ground paste qr code to themselves and to find their way. ( This is the automatic color code scanning, quantity inspection, identification of shape, and other technology) All the little orange people will listen to a single brain - — Robot command scheduling system. Robot successfully receive parcel, will head the parcel through the industrial camera and electronic scale peripheral equipment such as gantry. Through industrial phase JiDouMa function and function of electronic weighing, 'brain' to identify the list of things to express surface information, complete package of code and weighing, and according to the package destination program gives the optimal path of robot, sorting delivery scheduling robot package.
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