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Solve the problem of LED lamp bead appear not bright LED lights

by:Tranch      2020-04-19

LED diode market prospect is widespread, particularly in the field of lighting. It is the use of a change in the field of lighting. LED lamp bead is in use process will appear some problems, such as it is not bright, how to solve? Small make up to you on today.

LED diode is not bright, can be caused by power supply not normal or is the result of signal transmission is not normal.

if it is the power supply caused abnormal processing methods:

1. We check the power supply is working correctly, designator light is lit up. If there is no light, check the power supply connection is normal.

2。 LED diode across the electrodes of the power cord and power supply is connected correctly, is there any pick up wrong side out. If the above problems, it is it is ok to connect the power cord correctly.

if signal transmission is not normal in processing methods:

1. View controller on the power cord and power supply connection is correct.

2。 Control card have a good contact with the controller, LED light-emitting diodes, signal whether according to the signal output to the controller.

the above said you understand? There are need LED lights, welcome to contact us.

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