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SMT LED lamp bead was burned, what are the reasons?

by:Tranch      2020-04-11

SMD LED diode is a one-way conductive lights, with high brightness, small power consumption, small volume, operation time is long, etc. Shenzhen Lin hsin electronics co. , LTD. Talk to you the following patch LED lights burning.

1。 Its upper and lower two filament is used to make the conductive, two for the anode, two for the cathode, in addition to this, there are 5 root filament, welding on the zener, used for circuit protection. If the filament shorter, there may be current, to prevent SMT LED diode was burned down by too much electricity.

2。 In the use of SMD LED lights, must pay attention to the current size, because of the high power 1 w drive current is in commonly 350 ma, working voltage in 3. 2 - 3. Between 6 v, if too much electricity will be burned.

this is Lin hsin electronics co. , LTD. Of shenzhen to share SMD LED lights burned some reason, I hope to be of help.

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