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SMT LED lamp bead transport problems that should pay attention to

by:Tranch      2020-04-15

you should know the SMT LED diode is a fragile thing, so be careful in the transport of goods transport. Below small make up said the patch LED diode transport must pay attention to the problem.

1。 In transport, to ensure the driving speed, cannot appear the overtaking situation, cannot appear more fast when slow. Because that would lead to knock against the SMD LED lamp bead happen, we all know that transport cars tend to be made of metal, if there is a knock against, so will lead to SMD LED lamp bead shatter.

2。 When sending Courier to SMT LED lamp beads with good antistatic packaging packaging, to use good quality carton packaging, and transportation, can guarantee not prone to knock against in transportation.

these are SMD LED lights, attention should be paid to the problems in the transportation.

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