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SMT LED lamp bead popular reason

by:Tranch      2020-04-14

SMD LED lamp bead are swooning in the LED market, in addition to the national advocate of saving energy, but also because has the following advantages, so make the LED market.

1。 Small size: it is a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy resin, suitable for all kinds of light source device design.

2。 Color: the color is pure, soft, no glare, decorative purposes, not only has lighting purposes.

3。 Low calorific value: the power is low, usually in 0. 04 ~ 0. 08 w, and high light efficiency, so heat is not high.

4。 Low radiation: SMD LED diode does not contain the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, so there will be no heat, no radiation, and glare is small, can be directly touch.

5。 Environmental protection material: whether the LED or FPC, are all belong to the environmental protection material, can be recycled.

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