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SMT LED lamp bead manual welding method

by:Tranch      2020-04-11

hello, today to introduce shenzhen Lin hsin electronic co. , LTD, SMD LED diode commonly used manual welding.

1。 In need of repair patch LED diode, will use the manual welding, and under normal circumstances, use the reflow soldering;

2。 When using manual welding, the electric power can not be used for more than 30 w, soldering temperature should keep within 300 ℃, the welding time is not greater than 3 seconds;

3。 When welding, soldering iron welding head can not directly contact with LED lights, colloid, so as to avoid high temperature damage to LED lamp bead.

4。 Pin when the temperature higher than 85 ℃, can't let compression of SMD LED lamp bead, otherwise easy to gold wire broken.

the above said hope to be of help, welding in a skilled job, 'he welding, in order to ensure the quality, need to find a strength of the manufacturers to cooperate.

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