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SMT LED lamp bead how to avoid light

by:Tranch      2020-04-13

in order to avoid the SMD LED diode light spot, we need to do? Small make up to introduce below.

1。 As far as possible choose big patch of light Angle LED diode, because different patch LED lamp bead is different in the form of light diffuser.

2。 In theory, the smaller the spacing is, the better. Because the smaller the distance, need to led the spacing between the diffuser is small, but can also cause the whole lamp power is too big, so want to choose suitable spacing is part of the design process is the key.

3。 Although the spacing between the led diffuser, the distance it, and the smaller light damage, but small spacing will appear led bright spot. So, in the design process, uniform, and no lamps, light damage for less.

these are SMD LED diode knowledge introduction, everybody know.

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